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About Captain Stag
~Premium Camping & Outdoor brand since 1976~

CAPTAIN STAG was founded in 1976 as the camping & outdoor division of Pearl Metal Co., Ltd. dealing in household goods.

A herd of stags is a hardy animal that lives by moving about the land with ease. The leader of a stag herd plays an important role in leading the herd and guiding his/her companions to a safe place. They are also trusted by their friends. In 2012, we established CAPTAIN STAG Co in Sanjo, Niigata.

Family camping and barbecues have become commonplace as camping & outdoor leisure activities, and it is no exaggeration to say that "CAPTAIN STAG" was responsible for spreading these activities in Japan.

CAPTAIN STAG has introduced many epoch-making items to the world.

With "ease of use" and "ease of purchase" as its first priority, CAPTAIN STAG aims to develop comprehensive products to support a more comfortable and enjoyable camping & outdoor life.

An overwhelming lineup of products that capture the outdoors in a broad sense. We are proud to say that "CAPTAIN STAG" is the only company in the world that offers such a wide range of products from the same manufacturer. We will continue to take on further challenges in the future.

History of Captain Stag



  • Embarked on leisure equipment


  • Released a masterpiece of the first grill that introduced the Japanese style of BBQ to the world


  • Published the industry's first camp book

  • Released Japan's first tripod-type BBQ stand


  • 3-ply steel camping cooker set received the Good Design Award* for manufacturing products made in Tsubame-Sanjo

*Japan's Good Design Award program is a uniquely comprehensive platform for design evaluation and advocacy.


  • Released Outland gas two burner stove, gas appliances ahead of Japanese competitors

  • Released The mesh tarp


  • Released Japan's first V-shaped stove


  • Released Small gas burner stove (million seller)


  • Released A well-known name among fans, with design rights acquired Compact Aluminum Roll Table 


  • Released Aluminum-backed bench


  • Released Kamado Smart Grill, leading the solo camping boom


  • Released LED lantern, Innovative new structure that can be separated into two parts


  • Released Octagon, classic one-pole tent

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