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Warranty and repair claims

In case apparent defects in the manufacturing of the product are found, the product will be exchanged free of charge.  However, the following damages are not covered under warranty:

- Material deterioration caused by age,

- Damage caused by modifications or rough handling,

- Damage caused by improper use not following the instruction manual,

- Damage caused by unexpected accidents,

- Damage not caused by defects in the manufacturing process,

- Damage caused by dust or rust,

- Damage or defect caused by disassembling the product,

- Damage and defects caused by dropping or other shocks to the product,

- Deterioration or failure of parts due to friction,

- Damage caused by the use of the product in combination with other manufactures’ products.

For all product claims please contact us at Once we receive the information, we will create a Claim Authorization (CA) number for you and share next steps.

If the domestic claim is subject to warranty, Snow Peak will be responsible for transportation and repair costs. For all other domestic repair claims, the customer will be responsible for shipping fees to our warehouse or repair partner.

At this time international customers are responsible for all shipping gees, customs, duties, and value added taxes for both warranty and repair claims.

For any questions about our product warranty and repair claims, please contact us at



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